Granada (Spain) 1981


Polytechnic University School | University of Málaga (Spain)


Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering

Bike & eBike Design Skills

I have a relatively short time in the sector of bike design. In 2013, I started on the first projects in this field (eBike motor and belt drive system). In 2014, I started to dedicate my professional career to be exclusively related to bike projects.
However, I have built up experience as an engineer in design, fabrication and prototyping over a 10 year period in sectors as varied as R&D Solar Energy, R&D Construction, Automotive Design, Machinery Design and Product Design.
… and all this combined with limitless enthusiasm for everything related to the world of biking.

Belt Drive > In depth knowledge about belt drive systems, transmission ratio, timing belt tooth shape, specific bike frame design, material and surface processing for sprockets, sprockets alignment, belt tension…
eBike motor > A lot of knowledge about geared reduction on midrive and hub motors, cotroller parameters, basic notions (such as motor Kv, voltage (V), current (A), battery capacity (Ah)) and calculations, efficient range of the motor, electric power & mechanical power, torque and angular speed, frame integration for a mid drive motor and battery…
Frame design > Experience on a cargobike frame design, frame building equipment design (JIG), design for manufacturability (laser tube cutting and manual welding), design of eccentric bottom bracket, design and CAD simulation of a 4 bar steering system, design of special sliding dropouts…
A lot of engineering experience in general, always useful in any proyect…
Advanced knowledge and ample experience in assmebly and fine tuning of nearly every mechanical element of a bicycle (expcept the internal functioning of the suspension), such as steering, brakes, gears, bottom bracket, belt drive sysytem. Experience in assembly and fine tuning of gearbox hub, spoke calculation and wheel spoke lacing, its full desassembly for servicing.
Experience in the assembly and fine tuning of various hub motors, ample experience with the Bafang BBS02 central motor (full desassembly for internal mechanical improvements, full programming from the controller). In addition, experience in design and fabrication, assembly and fine tuning of my own central motor. Assembly and testing of prototypes of various bikes and fine tuning.
Availability to actively participate in the fabrication and assembly of every project I take part in, in such a way that I can idenitify any problem in these phases and identify possiblity of optimizing and improvement and implement them.
A seasoned rider with thousands of kilometers in enduro bike tracks, some long bike tours experience, and using the bike to commute everywhere daily.
Lot of experience testing a belt drive system during its development, in hard conditions (mud, snow, sand) during a long­term test.
Lot of experience testing a mid drive eBike motor, energy calculations, real time temperature measurements, voltage, amperage, efficency calculations, preformance of different configurations of geared reduction…
As a bike enthusiast, I’m always ready to test a bike in any contition, I have a high analytical capacity and understanding of the information obtained from such tests, which is very useful for the development of bicycles and their elements.
Off road adventure motorbike skills, with over 150.000km of experience.